How to Improve Your Roof’s Energy Efficiency This Summer

How to Improve Your Roof's Energy Efficiency This Summer

Every homeowner across the country wants to save money. It’s a simple fact. We don’t always have the budget for expensive home improvement projects, though. In some cases, you don’t need expensive projects. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by simply focusing on the roof. When extreme weather hits, don’t waste the cold air from your central air conditioner.

Attic Insulation

Installing attic insulation is a relatively inexpensive method to improve energy efficiency. A poorly insulated attic will never provide enough protection to fight outdoor temperatures. Furthermore, an improperly insulated attic allows cold air to escape from within. You’re just wasting money at this point. This applies especially to an older home.

Adding new insulation will provide some benefit to your energy efficiency. You’ll want to perform adequate research beforehand, though. The right amount and type must be used.

Roof Coating

Another worthwhile method to explore is roof coating. A cooling coat will reduce heat retention and increase cooling retention. What does this mean? Well, if you have any air conditioner running indoors, the fresh air will remain inside. It won’t escape upwards, through the attic or vents.

Coating the roof is a cost-effective method to reduce energy costs and increase both waterproofing and UV protection. Overall, it’s just an innovative idea.

Energy-Efficient Materials

Lastly, we have energy-efficient materials. If you’re installing a new roof or undergoing a replacement, opt for energy-efficient roofing materials. These materials are an inexpensive and easy option that improves energy efficiency considerably. There are several options to select, including metal roofing, which offers increased benefits over, say, shingles.

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