How to Identify Roof Damage Before Contacting Your Roofing Contractors

How to Identify Roof Damage Before Contacting Your Roofing Contractors

While large storms can often be a contributing factor to severe roof damage, catching the need for roof repair in the early stages can be critical in protecting your roof and the structure beneath it. At Paradigm Roofing our contractors can not only identify roofing damage, but help you resolve the damage at any stage of severity. Our specialty in fixing roofs, making large or minor repairs, and even reroofing allows us to offer a wide range of roofing services to our clients. Before you give our roofing contractors a call, the following information may help you to identify if your structure has experienced roofing damage.

Interior Signs of Roofing Damage

While interior signs of roofing damage are often the least welcomed, they are usually the most common. The typical business owner or home owner rarely has occasion to get up on their roof and inspect the exterior surface. Identifying roof damage from the inside of your structure may occur when you notice:

  • Puddles or ceiling leaks
  • Wet or damp insulation
  • Damp framework
  • Cracking or soggy paint on walls or ceiling

Exterior Signs of Roofing Damage

While you may think that looking for exterior signs of roofing damage means pulling out your ladder and clambering onto your roof, much of the exterior signs of damage can be spotted from the ground. If you notice shingles lying in your yard or parking lot after a storm, it is likely that the nails or tar are no longer as secure as they once were. Other giveaways might include large dark spots on the roofing or the appearance of worn tiles or shingles. To get a more up-close and professional assessment, our roofing contractors would be happy to come out and give you a detailed assessment of your roofing damage.

At Paradigm Roofing, we hope you never hesitate to ask our advice when you notice any of these common signs of roofing damage. It is essential that you give our roofing contractors a call at 972-542-7774 as soon as possible to assess the roof’s conditions and schedule a timely repair.