How to Fix Spring Water Damage On Your Roof

How to Fix Spring Water Damage On Your Roof

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers!” Unfortunately, the rain also brings water damage and leaky roofs. Don’t worry, there are some simple steps that you can take to fix spring water damage on your roof.

Assess Damage

Go on to your roof and thoroughly inspect to see the extent of the damage. If it is a small leak, you may be able to take care of it yourself. However, if there has been significant water damage and wood decomposition on the roof framing, you will need to call a professional roofing company.

The Right Tools

In order to fix water damage on your roof, you will just need some basic tools that you probably already have in your toolbox. You will need a rough bristle brush, a trowel, gloves, and safety glasses. You will also need to pick up sound patch putty, sealant, and some patch fabric.

Patch It Up

Before you patch your roof, you will need to clean the area thoroughly. To do this, take your bristle brush and gently clean the area to be patched. There is no need to try and scrape off any residue prior to patching. Spread some patching putty onto the area and spread evenly. Then place a piece of the patching fabric on top to help seal the area. Place patch sealant on top of the fabric and spread evenly. Feather the ends of your patch so water will run smoothly over and not collect around the patch.

Observe Your Patch

If you still notice a increase of water damage despite your patch, then you need to call a professional roofing repair company to assist you. If you would like to test the patch before the next rain, have a friend run a garden hose over the area that was patched. While the patch is being put to the test, take a look in the attic with a flashlight to check for any leaks.

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