How to Choose an Energy Efficient Roofing System

Whether you’re looking to reduce your impact on the environment or just save money on your monthly electricity bill, installing an energy-efficient roofing system is the way to go. The materials, color, and style of your roof can drastically affect their eco-friendliness, so before making any decisions on your new roof, consider the following.

The Type of Efficient Roof You Choose May Depend on Your Environment

If you live in a warm location with hot summers, you might want to consider installing a cool roof that can keep the heat at bay. However, if you live in a cold climate, these cool roofs would be detrimental and potentially make your heating bills even higher.

The Color of Your Roof Matters

The darker your shingles are, the hotter they will become as they soak up sunlight. Selecting light-colored roofing materials can help keep your house cooler during the summers, but if you are worried about losing heat during the winter, they can cause a problem.

Synthetic Tiles Can Help Reflect Heat

Many synthetic roofing materials are better at reflecting sunlight, which can help keep your house nice and cool during the summer. Plus, they’re lightweight and able to withstand fire, high winds, and blunt force.

Common Roof Materials Are Often the Least Energy-Efficient

Asphalt and other traditional materials used on roofs throughout the country are actually some of the worst at reflecting heat and conserving energy. They may be less expensive, but you should take into account the effect their lack of efficiency may have on your utility bills and home.

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