How the Area’s Warm Weather Affects Flat Roofing

How the Area’s Warm Weather Affects Flat Roofing

In DFW, we’re no stranger to warm weather. In fact, summer temperatures get high enough that people avoid going outdoors unless it’s absolutely necessary. Your roof doesn’t have the same luxury, though. The commercial roof over your head needs to protect you from the heat and the worst summer storms. It’s the first line of defense, but it’s far from immune to the trials of summer.

Thermal Cycle Woes

When the temperatures are high during the day and low at night, your flat roof will expand and contract. Typically, this cycle allows water to penetrate the roof. To withstand condensation and thermal cycles, a breathable PVC roofing material is a must-have.


When water does penetrate the flat roof, you’ll notice blistering. As the heat from the sun interacts with the moisture, bubbles or blisters begin to form. If you catch them early, you can replace the damaged section of the flat roof. If not, the blisters will continue to form until the entire roof must be replaced.

Moisture Damage

As you’ve likely noticed, many of the damage caused by warm weather is caused by moisture. As moisture builds up within your flat roof, mold and fungus will begin to grow. Then, when you add in the sunshine, the mold will grow and spread even faster than normal. Any type of fungus on your flat roof will damage the flashing, compromise your drainage, and require a roof replacement.

If you have a flat roof, make sure to schedule regular inspections. You never want to wait when it comes to roof repair or replacement, as the issue is sure to worsen in a short period.

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