How a Skylight Affects Your Roof

Skylight Affects Your RoofIf you think your roof is too plain or too boring, then perhaps a skylight can enhance its appearance and provide you a look at the stars above. Everyone enjoys looking up at the sky and witnessing firsthand the beauty of the stars and constellations. Now you can do so from the comfort of your home. But how does a skylight affect your McKinney roof?

Skylights have a number of both benefits and drawbacks. Here is a breakdown of the different types of skylights and how a skylight affects your home and roof:

Types of Skylights

  • Open Skylight — A basic hole in the roof, typically in the shape of an oculus, for easy viewing.
  • Fixed Skylight — A glazed-over, fixed skylight that you cannot see through or open.
  • Operable Skylight — Essentially a window for your roof that you can open for better ventilation, airflow, and light.
  • Retractable Skylight — A type of skylight that can be opened and closed, all thanks to its hinges, for a better view of the night sky.

Benefits of Modern Skylights

Today’s skylights offer a number of fantastic benefits, including:

  • More natural lighting
  • Better solar heating
  • Increased air ventilation
  • Monthly utility savings
  • Increased property value
  • More vitamin D
  • Stargazing!

How Skylights Affect Residential Roofing

But every homeowner wants to know how skylights affect roofs in McKinney.

While skylights offer numerous benefits, they do have a few drawbacks. After all, a skylight is a hole in your roof. Unless you opt for professional installation and sealing, that hole could allow in moisture and water damage. Therefore, you never want a DIY skylight installation at home. Trust in an expert for installation to avoid roof damage.

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