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DIY roof repair websites make any repair job look easy. That’s because the person doing the repairs is typically a licensed contractor who has the right tools, skills, and knowledge to properly complete home repair tasks. The only maintenance a home or business owner should perform on their roof is inspecting exterior components of the roof system and taking a good look at shingles that can be seen from the ground. Avoid injuring yourself and possibly making your roof problems worse by calling Paradigm Roofing to repair your roof damage.

We recommend having your roof inspected twice a year to ensure that repairs are made in a timely manner. A professional inspection by our roofing contractors in Georgetown can detect warped/cracked shingles, missing shingles, excess amounts of shingle granules in downspouts or gutters, and loose seams before they cause expensive damage.

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular roof material selected by Georgetown home and business owners. Not only is it affordable and long-lasting, but asphalt roofs require minimal maintenance, can be installed quickly, and are compatible with most building types because asphalt is comparatively lightweight. When repairs are needed on asphalt roofs, they typically involve the inexpensive replacement of a few shingles. Asphalt shingles are also resistant to algae growth, high winds, and animal mischief.

Paradigm Roofing can replace your old roof with a new asphalt roof in as little as one day. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of asphalt roofing.

Although slightly more expensive than asphalt roofing, metal roofing will last three times longer than other roofing materials and can withstand decades of extreme weather. Additionally, metal roofs today are made to mimic the appearance and texture of asphalt, clay, or slate roofing shingles. Metal roofs are also energy efficient because they reflect radiant heat from sunlight and won’t ignite or spark flames due to lightning strikes or nearby fires. Call Paradigm Roofing today for answers to your questions about the advantages of metal roofing for your Georgetown, TX home.

Made from clay and volcanic ash, slate roofing shingles are durable, resistant to the elements, and non-corrosive. Beautifully colored and textured, slate roofs will enhance the appearance of any Georgetown home or business with a unique, Old World elegance. Slate tiles can be easily fashioned into complex shapes to accommodate most roof architectures.

Tile roof shingles are made from terra cotta, stone, slate, concrete, or even ceramic. The popular “gutter and ridge” design seen on many tile roofs involves overlapping shingles to create a classic appearance. Tile is a long-lasting type of roof material recommended for its resistance to heat, salt air, and heavy rain. Tile roofing sheds large amounts of rainfall quickly due to its smooth surface composition.

Paradigm Roofing repairs, inspects, and installs both tile and slate roofs. Call us today to receive a free quote.

Proper attic ventilation is essential to prevent premature deterioration of your roof caused by mold and rot, reduce your energy bills, and avoid overstressing your HVAC system. Paradigm Roofing installs and repairs intake vents and exhaust vents to allow sufficient cool air to flow into the attic while allowing hot air to be forced out. A constantly hot, stuffy attic also contributes to poor air quality in your home; ventilation can help reduce allergies and asthma attacks in your home.

Just because insulation can last for a long time doesn’t mean your home or business doesn’t need new insulation. Signs that your insulation has deteriorated and should be replaced include higher than normal energy bills, unusual fluctuations of indoor temperatures, and extra dust or development of mildew in the home. Schedule an appointment with Paradigm Roofing in Georgetown for a complete insulation inspection.

The Best Roofing Company Serving Georgetown, TX

A division of Paradigm Design and Construction, LLC and a registered member of the Texas Association of Builders, Paradigm Roofing has been providing Texas communities with superior, dependable roofing services for over three decades. Our roofing contractors have the highest reputation for delivering courteous, professional repair, maintenance, and installation services to both home and business owners. In addition to repairing and replacing roofs, our contractors install and repair ventilation systems and insulation using only top quality, industry-specific materials.

The best roofing company serving Georgetown and Central Texas is Paradigm Roofing. Call today to learn more about our services.

Why Let Paradigm Repair Your Roof?

Our roofing contractors have the experience, skill, and tools to make repairs to minor and severe roof damage. Unless you are a professional roofer who knows how quickly a misstep can lead to a fall, you really don’t want to spend hours on a roof, dozens of feet off the ground. Although roofing contractors make it look easy to walk around on roofs and make repairs, don’t let that convince you that inspecting or repairing roofs is simple. Also, what happens if you get halfway through your DIY roof project and discover it’s worse than you thought or you don’t have the tools needed to complete the job?

Inspecting your roof from the ground is doable, but it won’t tell you exactly what’s going on up there. You might see one or two shingles from the ground that need replacement, but once you get on the roof, it’s entirely possible that you’ll see many other damaged shingles. Then what?

Hiring Paradigm Roofing to repair your roof means you never have to set foot on your roof again. We’ve got your back when it comes to affordable, dependable roofing services in Georgetown.

Need a Roofer?

Whether you have a residential or commercial roof emergency, need a few shingles replaced, or want your old roof removed and replaced by a new roof, call Paradigm Roofing today for courteous, prompt service. We never consider a job complete until you are 100% satisfied with our work. Call today to schedule an appointment or to request a free quote on all roof, ventilation, and insulation needs in Georgetown.

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