What Is a Fabric-Reinforced Ply System Roof?

What Is a Fabric-Reinforced Ply System Roof

Your roof is an investment. In fact, it’s one of the most crucial investments you’ll make after purchasing a home. It’s why we recommend maintenance and repairs. A single leak, no matter how small, can cause considerable damage. You don’t want the lifespan of your roof decreased, do you? With recent advances, technology such as fabric-reinforced ply system roofing allows high efficiency and fewer issues. It’s probably worth considering.

What It Is

Fabric-reinforced roofing systems are applied directly over your existing roof. The entire point of the system is to extend the useful life of your current roof. It’s highly recommended for most roof types, including concrete, metal, and EPDM. Because the fabric-reinforced coating is added on top of an already existing roof, it allows roofing technicians the chance to avoid costly removal and disposal costs.

The Benefits You’ll Enjoy

Once you make the decision to utilize fabric-reinforced ply system roofing, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits, including:

  • Energy Savings – The reflective topcoat repels UV that may cause wear prematurely and raise energy costs within your home. The fabric-reinforced system helps your roof remain cooler, reducing bills each month, all while reducing wear and tear on your HVAC equipment.
  • Protection – Fabric-reinforced roofing systems offer superior protection against the elements. Most roofing systems fail due to moisture gain underneath the surface. This moisture leads to time-consuming and expensive repairs. The topcoat seals the roof seams, resulting in superior protection overall.
  • Durability – For some roofing systems, a severe storm is enough to cause damage. A fabric-reinforced ply topcoat, however, increases the overall sustainability of your roof. The multi-layered approach protects from rain, sleet, and snow – enjoying an extended lifespan.

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