Expert Tips for Local Roofing Contractors Marketing in Storm Areas

Expert Tips for Local Roofing Contractors Marketing in Storm Areas

Running a successful roofing company comes with all manner of challenges. You need to focus on customer service, providing high-quality roofing repairs, and of course, marketing your services. If you live in a storm area where thunderstorms, hurricanes, or tornadoes are common, then you need to know how to market appropriately. Homeowners and local businesses need help after a severe storm, and if you’ve done your marketing right, they’ll turn to you.

Google My Business

You’re a locally owned roofing company, so it makes sense to market your services locally.  Once you claim your business listing, Google My Business is a useful tool to help you put relevant information in front of the right customers. Often business is lost because customers can’t find a company’s information. Avoid that altogether.

User-Friendly Website

In this day and age, a functional, aesthetically pleasing website makes a world of difference. Your business website is a lead-generating tool, and if it’s not both desktop and mobile friendly, customers will look elsewhere. They don’t want the hassle of navigating an unintuitive or ugly website.

Storm Marketing

As a local, you should know the weather. You should know when a big storm is coming in and when it makes sense to seek shelter. As a roofing contractor, you must be concerned about your community.

During the fall, advertise your services to prep roofs for the winter. During the spring, attract customers who need roof repairs after spring storms.

Before and After Photos

Having a gallery page on your website with before and after photos of recent storm damage and your roofing repairs shows your abilities. Prospective customers will check these photos, see how skilled you are, and then schedule service of their own because they know you provide results.

For professional roofing services after recent storm damage, call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774. For more roofing marketing tips, follow our blog!