Energy Savings with Radiant Barrier Installation

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Energy Savings with Radiant Barrier Installation

If you’re experiencing high energy bills each month, swinging temperatures indoors or certain rooms that don’t heat or cool as well as others, you may have a problem with your home’s insulation. Unfortunately, each year, hundreds of homeowners in the McKinney area experience these same problems, and most are unsure of what to do. While many choose to have their insulation repaired or replaced, this doesn’t always solve the problem. Thankfully, Paradigm Roofing has a better solution: radiant barriers.

These barriers can help to reduce energy costs and cooling waste during the summer months by keeping warm air from penetrating through your roof and into your home. Using such barriers also helps to keep heat from radiating into your attic’s insulation, thereby offering a lower temperature in your home and more even temperatures all year. The barrier essentially reflects heat back up in a straight line in order to keep it from affecting parts of your interior, and double-sided barriers can be used to keep heat in your home during the cooler months.

Most barriers are made of foil, but other variations are available, including reflective chips, roof sheathing and reflective shingles. In addition, some barrier material is available as a spray that is applied to the back of your roof’s decking. These variations can also sometimes be combined to offer a greater level of energy efficiency and cost savings. Barriers also help you to be kind to the environment, as the energy savings they provide reduce use and waste over traditional energy source supplies.

One of the other added benefits to installing barriers that radiate heat back into the atmosphere or your home is that they can ultimately help to extend the life of your heating and cooling system components. Because your barriers are reflecting the heat, your systems won’t have to work as hard to regulate the indoor air temperature, therefore, they will last longer and perform better.

If you plan on installing these barriers in your McKinney-area home, it’s important to contact a professional, such as Paradigm Roofing. Barriers can be difficult to install, and if you don’t take into account factors such as moisture and position, barriers can even be ineffective and damaging. Paradigm Roofing can also handle a variety of other residential roofing needs, including roof repair, shingle replacement, inspections and more. Learn more about radiant barrier installation or for any other roofing need, call Paradigm Roofing today at 972-542-7774.