Energy-Saving Roofing Materials

Energy-Saving Roofing Materials

It is no secret that the cost of energy has risen substantially in the last decade. Property owners are seeking any way to save money by cutting down on the amount of energy they use.  Thankfully, innovations as well as time-tested methods in roofing have the potential to create a more efficient home or business. The experienced roofers at Paradigm Roofing can assist you with creating a roof that not only protects you from the elements, but also will ensure you are making the most of your energy usage.

Light Colored Roofing

While many asphalt roofs are dark, lighter colored roofs can save you hundreds of dollars each year. Commercial options like PVC reflect heat and light rather than absorbing it. If you are considering a roof replacement in a hot climate, you may want to look at a lighter colored roof as opposed to the typical dark asphalt. You can also choose lighter tiles, wood, or slate.

Cool Roofs

A cool roof is a type of roof that has light-reflecting panels, paint, or materials on it that can reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your roof. Cool roofs reduce your need for an air conditioner, decrease the temperature in your attic, and can improve the overall climate in your home.

Proper Ventilation

Did you know by having holes in your roof, you could be improving your roof’s efficiency? Ventilation isn’t quite holes, but rather it consists of strategically placed vents that help circulate the air in your attic. This constant flow of air can help keep your home much cooler. This will cut down on your HVAC usage and save you money each month on your utility bills.

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