Emergency Roof Repair – What To Do During Your Situation?

Emergency Roof Repair - What To Do During Your Situation?

It can happen to anyone. When you least expect it, a severe storm can hit the neighborhood, pummeling your home and causing immense damage to the roof. You’ll need a roofing expert to tackle the damage as soon as possible. But first, you need to mitigate any further damage. Whether you’re dealing with a leak or missing shingles, here are the key steps you can take.

Tarping the Roof

In a pinch, your best option for emergency roof repair is to tarp the roof to prevent any further water damage to your home. Typically, you’ll secure a tarp over the damaged portion of the roof. It’s relatively easy, depending on the weather. You’ll need a few tools, including a utility knife, measuring tape, a few 2×4’s, a hand saw, a staple gun, and a few 3 ¼” nails to get the job done.

It’s important to remember that working on a roof is often dangerous. If the storm is still raging, you could be climbing up with rain pelting you and high wind. It’s often better to call in a roofing expert.

Flat Roof Repair

In the event of flat roof damage caused by a storm, the emergency repairs are vastly different from that of a pitched roof. You’ll need to apply a unique sealing compound over the damage to form a patch. The compound is designed to work when wet.

If you have a flat roof on your home or business, it’s best to keep such compounds on-hand before you need it most. It’s better to be cautious and prepared.

Furthermore, flat roof repair is generally safer than working on a pitched roof. However, you should still remain cautious and safe.

For either type of roof, it is important to never attempt repairs during a lightning storm.

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