Efficient Energy Saving Tips For Your Roof

Efficient Energy Saving Tips For Your Roof

Want to save money and stay cooler? Upgrading your roof can drastically reduce your energy bill and keep you cooler during those hot summer months. There are two main areas that, with re-evaluation, can increase your energy efficiency: your ventilation system and the roofing system itself.


The ventilation of your home or place of business may meet legal requirements, however, they may not be maximizing the cooling potential of your attic area. Temperatures in the attic areas can be 50 degrees higher than the outside temperature. Proper ventilation will use the shape of the structure to ensure that the outside cooler air is brought inside while hot moist air is vented out. This will ensure that less hot air will move into the living areas and result in your air conditioning not working as hard to keep the temperature comfortable.


By turning your roof into a “cool roof,” you can actually reduce the temperature of your roof up to 50 degrees, depending on what method you choose. There are multiple types of roofing materials to choose from, metal roofing, stone covered metal shingles, and tile roofing are just three examples of materials that can keep your energy bill down. The color of the material, reflectivity or glossiness of the material, and composition of the material all make an impact on reflecting the incoming heat waves. All these options give you more choices on what will keep you cool as well as look good.

Either alone or combined, both of these upgrades will lower the temperature in your house or business, which will lower your energy bill, keep you cool, and even prevent early roof deterioration. We would be happy to evaluate how to make your roof more efficient.  Call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774. Our roofing professionals are happy to answer your questions or concerns.