Different Types of Metal Roofing for Your Property

Different Types of Metal Roofing for Your Property

Typically, when you hear about metal roofing, it is because someone wants to bash the material. There are far too many myths and misconceptions surrounding metal as a roofing solution. For instance, people say metal roofing is loud. It’s no louder than any other type of roof during a rainstorm. Metal does a lot of good, though. It is an environmentally-friendly option, extremely durable, and cost-effective. The lifespan alone is worth the investment. Here are the top types of metal roofing for your home.


Aluminum is currently one of the top metal roofing choices for homeowners. The material is lightweight, durable, and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, there are numerous colors and styles available, such as standing seam, shake, shingle, and tile.

Furthermore, as aluminum is recycled material, your new roof is environmentally friendly.


Copper is the original metal roof. It has been in use for centuries now across the world. Why? Because copper roofing is long-lasting, completely recyclable, and installation is a breeze.

The biggest downfall of copper roofing, however, is its soft nature. In areas prone to hailstorms, copper is likely to dent from hail strikes. Aesthetically, this lowers the overall value of the roofing material.


Steel, an alloy made of iron and other elements, is used in just about all aspects of construction. As such, steel is one of the most commonly used roofing materials when it comes to metal. Like most other metal roofing materials, steel is recyclable, readily available, and extremely durable.

Here in Texas, we face varied weather throughout the year. A new steel roof – one that is professionally installed – is sure to handle anything the weather can throw your way.

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