DFW’s Latest Roofing Trends

DFW’s Latest Roofing Trends

Are you thinking about installing a new roof on your home? There are many new and exciting roofing trends that have begun to take the Lone Star State by storm. Paradigm Roofing always has our thumb on the pulse of the roofing industry. We are happy to share with you the newest and greatest trends in roofing. If you have any questions or would like assistance in applying these trends to your home, contact us at 972-542-7774 today.

Energy Efficient Roof

With energy prices on the rise, many homeowners are looking at earth-friendly and energy efficient options to lower their monthly utility bill. There are several different options for installing an energy efficient roof. First, choosing a lighter color roofing material can help reflect more of the sun’s rays and heat. With more heat being reflected, your air conditioner won’t have to work so hard. Some homeowners are painting their existing roof white to assist in this process. There are also several highly reflective coatings we can apply to reflect up to 90% of sunlight.

Rooftop Patios

If you live in a city where square footage is expensive and sought-after, adding a rooftop patio may be a fantastic investment. While this can be rather pricey, the process is much easier if you have a flat roof. Keep in mind local codes that may limit the size or weight that you can have on top of your roof. A licensed and experienced roofing contractor can help you make the determination if your roof is fit for a patio, what local regulations may restrict you from doing, and how to plan for making your rooftop patio dreams a reality.

For more information regarding the latest roofing trends, contact Paradigm Roofing today. Call 972-542-7774 to make your appointment to discuss your new roof.