Dallas TX Roof Repair

Dallas TX Roof Repair

Maintaining a healthy roof will save you you’re hard earned dollars and reduce the headaches that arise from water damage caused from roof leaks. Paradigm Roofing, a Dallas TX roof repair specialist, has found that most damage caused in the home could have been avoided with a little preventive medicine. At Paradigm Roofing we advise our customers to call every three to five years and have one of our specialists’ do a quick inspection of the roof. Generally any torn or worn shingles can be spotted and replaced at the time of inspection.

Roof Repair

If you are one of the types who enjoy doing it yourself or you have a roof that is relatively easy to walk we have compiled a short list of some things you should look for.

  1. Cracks or wholes around pipe flashings are one of the more common areas for roof leaks. Flashings have a tendency to wear out prematurely especially if they were installed incorrectly by face nailing the base of the flashing. A very common roofing mistake is face nailing the flashing. This will prevent the flashing from expanding and contracting with the pipe itself and generally wear out about every five years.  These exposed nails will also be an obvious place for future roof leaks.
  2. Look around chimneys and walls to ensure that flashings are all intact while counter flashings are all properly cut into the mortar and are holding place. It is also critical that the flashings are being stepped properly from one shingle to the next.
  3. Spotting shingles that are excessively cracked or worn should be replaced. Not replacing these shingles could lead to leaks from the shingle underneath where exposed nails are present. Your Dallas TX roofer repairs homes in the area that get a lot of movement in them and can cause the nails to come through the shingles. These nails should be nailed back down and a dab of caulk should be put on top of the nail head. If the nail head penetrated the shingle above then that shingle should be replaced as well. There are certain areas of the roof where exposed nails are necessary but these nails should always have a dab of caulk on them.

These are the most common things Paradigm Roofing consistently repairs and if not caught in time it could lead to extensive damage. Most of the other leaks found arise from improper roof installation which can lead to very costly repairs. Hiring a contractor who is certified by the manufacturer and has good customer reviews will more than likly get you a solid roof for years to come. If you are in need of a roof repair or inspections call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774 or contact us online today.