Common Roof Problems

As homeowners, we invest a lot of time and money into our homes. The roof is one of the most crucial investments. It protects our family and belongings from adverse weather conditions and potential intruders. Of course, like with most systems, your roof requires maintenance and prompt repairs. If you ignore your roof, you’re likely to spend more on repairs. Here are a few common roof problems to watch for throughout the year.

Poor Installation

One of the most common roofing issues homeowners experience is poor installation. If you opt for the cheapest installation in the area, you’re likely to be disappointed. The quality of installation dramatically increases the chance of problems and reduces the overall life expectancy of your roofing material. It’s best to hire a professional, which is completely worth the increased cost, for the best results.

Leaks and Moisture

There are countless reasons why leaks and moisture may become a genuine issue on your roof. For instance, wind, rain, snow and debris can all lead to moisture accumulating under the many layers of your roof. This moisture will then cause leaks and mold to form.


Yes, believe it or not, critters entering a home through the smallest of cracks in the roof is a genuine possibility. It’s more common than most homeowners think, too. Birds, insects and rodents can cause a surprising amount of damage in a household. It’s best to remove them quickly and repair the damage even faster. Let a professional handle the job.


If your yard has an abundance of low-hanging trees, consider cutting the branches back on a regular basis. Overhanging tree limbs will rub against your roof, abrading the surface and causing severe damage and leaks over time.

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