Common Commercial Roof Problems and Their Solutions

Common Commercial Roof Problems and Their Solutions

A commercial roofing system is designed to withstand all that Mother Nature can throw your way. Furthermore, it is designed to protect your business. A stable roof is an investment. Over time, even the most stalwart roofing systems will require repairs. Even metal can only take on so much damage or wear and tear before springing a leak. When something goes awry, trust in professional roofing technicians to tackle the damage. The most common commercial roofing problems are quickly resolved with Paradigm Roofing!

Roof Leaks

The single most common roofing problem in the country is roof leaks. There are so many ways in which a roof leak may form, from cracked flashing to storm damage. Most commonly, roof leaks form and worsen along the gutter system, vents, and skylights. These “weak points” tend to collect standing water or mold growth.

To resolve a roof leak, you’ll want first to schedule regular maintenance and inspection services. When a leak is spotted, prompt replacement of all damaged materials is necessary.


Whether due to foot traffic, debris, or storm damage, holes and cracks in a commercial roof are quite common. A single breach can weaken the entire structure. Water from severe rainfall can seep underneath, causing bubbling and leaks.

The solution to holes or cracks is to limit foot traffic, perform visual inspections regulation, and schedule timely repairs the moment a puncture is noticed.

Low-Quality Workmanship

As a business, you likely wish to save money on all aspects of your building. Do not skimp on the roof, though. Too many business owners opt for subpar roofing services to cut costs. The shoddy workmanship can often lead to costly repairs, leaks, and more.

The solution is to schedule with a professional roofing service. Always opt for professional installation, repairs, and maintenance for your company’s roof.

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