Standing Seam Roofing Systems in Dallas, McKinney, & Fort Worth

Standing Seam Roofing Dallas & McKinney TX

There are many benefits to having a standing seam. They are energy efficient, resistant to impact and weather conditions, and have an option for a lifetime warranty.

Standing seam roofs are a common choice for commercial buildings. Due to their minimal maintenance and long lasting durability, they are one of the most sought-after materials for commercial roofing. With a metal roof, you not only get a great looking roof but also energy savings and insurance discounts. With all the great financial benefits, a standing seam system pays for itself in time.

At Paradigm Roofing, our experienced Dallas roofers only use the finest quality products from the top manufacturers in the country. All our products come not only with a warranty on our installation, but great manufacture warranties as well. Our goal is to give the customer a quality product at an affordable price.

Types of Standing Seam

There are a variety of types of standing seam metal roofing systems that we can use for metal roofing. The most commonly used type is the field-locked standing seam. This type uses a special locking tool to join the panels together when we are at the installation site. Another common type is a snap-lock standing seam. Indicative of its name, it locks the panels together when the panels are placed together. There are also standing seam shingle-based panels, which give the appearance of standing seam, but instead are vertical-shingle panels.

Standing seam can be made ready to install at the site, or it can be made ahead of time and shipped. If you have a custom request, it can easily be done with standing seam at a metal fabrication location.

Product Information

Product Information Gauge: .032, .040 Aluminum 24, 22* gauge metallic coated Steel
24 gauge 55% Al-Zn alloy coated Steel with acrylic coating
16*, 20* oz. Copper
Panel Width: 11″, 15″, 19-1/4″ (Specify with or without stiffening ribs.)
Seam Height: 1-1/2″ Nominal
Texture: Embossed, Smooth
Finish: KYNAR 500® PVDF or HYLAR 5000® PVDF
Anodized: Clear, Bronze
Colors: Choice of 30 standard colors.
Accessories: Same gauge and finish as the panel or as specified.
Minimum Pitch: 2:12

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