Commercial Roofing Leak Repair: What to Expect

Even a minor leak overhead is a major problem. With time, that miniscule leak is going to escalate. Then, your business is facing costly repairs and downtime. It makes more sense to schedule commercial roofing leak repair now rather than wait. If you do intend to call an expert, here is what you can expect.


Before any leak repair truly begins, a thorough assessment must be performed. Any roofing contractor worth their salt will examine the situation thoroughly. First, the source of the leak must be determined. The noticeable signs of water damage are generally discovered away from the actual source. Today, using the most advanced roofing tools and techniques, tracking the leak is easier than ever.

Leak Repairs

Once the source of the leak is discovered and a clear plan of action is formed, it is time to get dirty. When determining how best to push forward, it is often important to consider a few factors. For example, is the commercial roof under warranty, is the leak covered by insurance, what is the lifespan of the roof? Depending on the answers, the repair process may vary. If the roof is relatively new and in top shape, permanent leak repairs are worth every penny. If the roof is badly damaged or old, a full roof replacement is likely better suited.


The total cost for commercial roofing leak repair can vary significantly. A few factors to help determine the cost include the scope of the leak, the type of roof, and the needed repairs. You’ll likely receive a quote before any work begins. If not, request one. Any professional roofing company will provide a detailed quote.

The moment you spot a roof leak, pick up the phone and call Paradigm Roofing. Waiting too long can lead to worsening water damage and a larger leak. Call 972-542-7774!