Commercial Roof Repair Tips

Commercial Roof Repair TipsTypically, most commercial and industrial buildings opt for a flat roof – though many are prone to specific problems. Such problems are quickly rectified, though. If you have the right tools, the right experience, your commercial roof will thrive for years to come. It’s generally best to hire a professional. However, you should still understand how roof repair works!

Water Issues

First and foremost, water is the enemy of the commercial roof. Typically, a commercial roof, even a flat roof, is sloped slightly by a few degrees to ensure water drainage. Unfortunately, heavy rain can best that pitch. Pooling water is a standard issue with commercial roofing. Water from rainfall accumulates in insulation compressions, foot traffic impressions, and imperfections.

To prevent damage from pooling water, a temporary solution is to gently sweep accumulated water off the roof after a particularly severe storm.

Sun Protection

You wouldn’t expect a roof to succumb to sun damage. Most of us expect a roof to protect against the sun. However, over time, it’s common for sun damage to set in and cause damage. BUR and modified bitumen roofing are particularly vulnerable to sun damage, due to the heat of the sun cooking the chemicals from within the layers.

The best method of protecting your roof from sun damage is a high-quality roof coating, which will help reflect heat and UV rays.


The importance of roof maintenance cannot be understated. Regular maintenance keeps your roof in excellent condition and ensures you achieve full life expectancy. You’ll want to schedule semi-annual inspections, from a professional commercial roofer, to ensure damage does not set in. All damage should be promptly repaired.

Furthermore, a professional roofer will catch small symptoms of problems. If found early, you’ll alleviate both cost and time.

Take care of your commercial roofing, and it will take care of you. Call Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774 today!