Clay Roof Tiles – Latin Style For Upscale Homes

Clay Roof Tiles – Latin Style For Upscale Homes

A lot of people love clay roof tiles – and for good reason. They not only bring an upscale look to a home, they also bring an air of sophistication. They have their basis in Spanish architecture of the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Spanish Empire was at its’ zenith. In fact, one of the reasons why these kinds of tiles are commonly found in places such as Florida and Southern California is that those areas were once Spanish colonies.

The Proud History of Clay Roof Tiles

While no one knows exactly where clay roof tiles started. As a matter of fact, most research indicates that the style evolved gradually over hundreds of years. Most experts believe it began in the Mediterranean, and largely due to the hot, dry weather the region often experienced. Wealthy people used them on their homes during the Roman Empire, and clay roof tiles were not only found in Italy but also areas as far away as Britain and India. Many Romans lived in present-day Spain, formerly known as Iberia, where this style was also common.

As Spain grew in power and flexed its muscles around the world, conquistadores introduced the style to the Philippines, the Caribbean and the Americas – places where homes still sport clay roof tiles.

The process of making clay roof tiles is much the same as in years past. An artisan places clay in a mold, dries it, and then puts it in a kiln. But today’s materials also include sophisticated technology that allows them to not only be suitable for any climate, but also to last longer than ever before. Tiles are great for not only harsh winters but also scorching hot summers, so they can be used anywhere in the world.

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