Cedar Shakes offer Durability & Dependability

cedar shakes offer durability & dependability

In considering a roofing material, cedar roof shakes often are among the last options. Many people choose to go with a cheaper option, as wood roofing is among the most expensive selections in the roofing industry.

What many contractors will admit is that cedar roof shakes actually are among the better choices available. These wooden shakes bring a rustic appearance to a professional atmosphere, and it can help increase the aesthetics of your property.

Our wood roof experts specialize in the proper installation of quality cedar shakes, which can have a life expectancy of up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Cedar Shakes are flexible and durable against the harshest climates, and they also allow plenty of insulation and ventilation.

Reliable choice in roofing

Cedar shakes are a reliable choice in roofing, and they can give your home the rugged, satisfying look that will be the talk of the neighborhood. Let our roofing company handle your next roofing job, whether it be a new installation, regular maintenance or a much-needed repair.

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