Impact Resistant Shingles Paradigm Roofing of Dallas, TX is installing impact resistant roofs throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and in the process saving their customers a nice bundle of money on their homeowner’s annual insurance premiums. An impact resistant roof is one of the strongest composition roofs available that Paradigm Roofing can install on your home.  Impact resistant (IR) shingles have been certified to meet the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class 4 IR testing requirements.  There are 4 classifications when looking at the IR ratings for roofing material, with class 4 being the highest and most beneficial to you as a homeowner.  These type of composition roofs can withstand a force of a two-inch steel ball dropped from twenty feet without fissuring.  The durability of the IR shingles is based on a strong fiberglass mat coated with modified roofing asphalt granules.  This is the foundation that helps increase the impact resistant, thus reducing roof maintenance and replacement cost in the long run.

We install IR roof

The advantages of having Paradigm Roofing install an IR roof on your home are many. The ability to increase your property value for years to come will certainly offset the additional cost. A reduction in your annual premiums will generally take about 3 years to offset the difference when upgrading from a traditional architectural shingle to an IR shingle.   The benefits of not having to replace your roof when an average hail storm hits town saves you another out of pocket expense, which will certainly be a delight to most homeowners.  In some states, insurance companies offer up to 35% discount on your homeowners policy (check with your insurance company) when an IR roof is installed. We as consumers are so accustom to looking at our roofs as a necessary evil that requires a lot of money at the time of replacement and it does nothing but depreciates the day it is installed. Installing an IR roof will eliminate this depreciating asset and put additional money back into your pocket. For more information contact Paradigm Roofing at 972-542-7774.