Standing Seam Roof Fort Worth, TX A standing seam roof is an excellent choice for today’s modern homes as it offers supreme durability, weather protection and aesthetic appeal. These rooftops are made from interlocking panels that run vertically from one edge of the roof to the other. Where two panels run alongside each other on a seam, there is a raised surface that makes it easy for water to run off. With an abundance of panel widths, seam designs and rib heights, achieving a unique look has never been easier. There is only one company to trust with your standing seam roof: Paradigm Roofing. We use the finest quality materials and installation techniques as well as offer dependable warranties that range from 20 years to life.

The benefits of a standing seam roof are widespread and conveniently meet the needs of American families, which is why these rooftops are top choices for homeowners. The greatest benefit to a metal roof installation is that it’s maintenance free. Unlike other roofing structures, standing steam roofs won’t crack, shrink or suffer from corrosion. These roofs can handle all types of weather conditions, including strong winds, heavy rain and hail. In fact, standing seam roofs are the most dependable during hurricanes and tropical storms, making them a first choice for homeowners along the coast.

With a metal roof installation, homeowners also reap the benefits of having a structure made from recyclable materials. Most standing seam roofs are between 50 and 100 percent recyclable depending on the manufacturer. Metal rooftops also have the added advantages of being fire resistant and good conductors of heat. Not only will this make the home more comfortable, but also it will lower energy costs and complement other energy-efficient upgrades. Finally, standing seam roofs have good noise absorption and don’t require additional framing that takes up extra space.

It’s apparent that the benefits of a standing seam roof are never-ending, which is why they come highly recommended by our team at Paradigm Roofing. Our roof installation in McKinney offers several types of standing seam roofs, including the field-locked, snap lock and shingle-based standing seam rooftops. With the knowledge, experience and personal commitment we bring to our customers, it’s no surprise that our rooftops never suffer premature roof failure and instead live up to their lifespans. Call us today at 972-542-7774 for a free service request and ask how you can earn up to $500 in tax credits.