Standing Seam Roof There are many benefits of standing seam roofs. They are quite durable and stand the test of time. This type of roof is very energy efficient and you will see the impact on your utility bills. Standing seam roofing in Frisco is very resistant to adverse weather conditions including rain, snow, sleet and ice. They are very low maintenance. Standing seam roofs rarely, if ever, need to be repaired.

Kinds of Standing Seam Roofs

There are several different kinds of standing seam roofs. The most prevalent type of standing seam roof is the field locked standing seam. It features a unique locking tool that joins panels together when the roof is being installed. A second option is a snap-lock standing seam roof. The panels on this roof type are locked along when one part is attached to the one after to it. A third alternative is standing seam shingle-based panels. This option is really vertical-shingle panels that are fashioned to look like a standing seam roof. Paradigm Roofing can help you decide the best type of standing seam roof for your home or business. Standing seam roofing in Frisco can be customized on site or prefabricated at a plant to meet specific requirements.

Standing seam roofs are long lasting, energy efficient and low maintenance. Installing one can also increase the property value of your home. Contact Paradigm Roofing, the leader in residential and commercial roofing, for a free consultation.