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In considering a roofing material, cedar roof shakes often are among the last options. Many people choose to go with a cheaper option, as wood roofing is among the most expensive selections in the roofing industry. What many contractors will admit is that cedar roof shakes actually are among the better choices available. These wooden […]

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Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing choice, and our roofing contractors are experts in installing and repairing asphalt shingles. Fortunately, maintaining asphalt shingles is relatively simple for all residential and commercial property owners. Asphalt shingles bring a sense of aesthetics to a property, as they can come in a myriad of colors and textures. These […]

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Because of its primary objective of protecting from all outside elements, some consider the roof the most important part of any building structure, commercial or residential. As we prepare for what appears to be an early spring, it is imperative for homeowners and business owners to take all precautions necessary to not only fight off […]

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Paradigm Roofing, in addition to focusing on quality roofing, is adamant about energy conservation and efficiency. “Going green” is more than just another phrase. Our McKinney TX roofers want to inform all customers of the tax credits offered by the federal government that will help homeowners offset roofing repair and maintenance costs. As a part […]

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