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Fall is a crucial time for roof maintenance due to its protection against heavy winter ice and snow. If your roof has suffered any form of damage, now is the time to handle the repairs. To ensure your roof has the longest possible lifespan, you’ll want Paradigm Roofing to handle … Continue reading

Your roof is an investment. In fact, it’s one of the most crucial investments you’ll make after purchasing a home. It’s why we recommend maintenance and repairs. A single leak, no matter how small, can cause considerable damage. You don’t want the lifespan of your roof decreased, do you? With … Continue reading

A cool roof is specifically designed to reflect the sun’s rays and absorb less heat than your average roof. Typically, an energy-efficient roof is made up of a highly-reflective type of paint, covering, or reflective tiles and shingles. Almost every roof in the country could benefit from higher efficiency, not … Continue reading

Over the years, ceramic roofing tiles have changed very little. They remain a beautiful and well-aged form of roofing that is capable of lasting for decades when professionally installed. This material has been used for roofing for centuries, in numerous parts of the world. In America, ceramic roof tiles were … Continue reading

A well-maintained roof – residential or commercial – is crucial to ensuring everyone indoors is safe and secure year-round. No property owner wants to shut down or leave their home because of leaks, damage, or potentially dangerous roofing. By undergoing seasonal maintenance, you too can prevent disaster. This fall, spend … Continue reading

When it comes to your roof, making the right decision can ensure optimal performance and security for you and your family. With peace of mind overhead, it’s easy to get a good night’s rest. Of course, sometimes the decision isn’t so simple. Whether to repair or to replace a roof … Continue reading

For over 100 years, asphalt shingles have been the go-to roofing material for homeowners throughout the country. Over time, the material has come to dominate the sloped-roofing market, accounting for nearly 90% of all residential roofs. These numbers are positively staggering. What is the reason for this increasing trend? Why … Continue reading

Radiant heat barriers, also known as reflective insulation, are thermal insulation units that inhibit the transfer of heat through thermal radiation. Radiant heat is entirely invisible. In layman’s terms, it’s similar to a mirror, in that the sun’s light and heat is reflected outwards, away from the house. You may … Continue reading

The roof over your head is designed for both comfort and security. As such, it’s important to provide proper maintenance and a thorough cleaning on occasion. By successfully caring for your roof, you’ll enable it to last longer and remain efficient in its duties. The summer is the perfect season … Continue reading