Better Indoor Air Quality: Areas to Consider

Better Indoor Air Quality

As a homeowner, you obviously want clean air and a comfortable environment. You come home from work, tired and wanting to relax, but find yourself noticing an odd odor in the air or heavy air in the living room. Your indoor air quality may be drastically low. Thankfully, you are not without options. There are solutions you can take right now to improve the indoor air quality of your home. All you need to do is focus on a few key areas inside the house.


Many home heating and cooling systems do not automatically bring in fresh air. On occasion, opening your doors and windows, utilizing window or attic fans, or running a window-based air conditioning system can help increase indoor ventilation. However, you’ll want to invest in proper ventilation via your roof, attic, and in moisture-rich rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Even a single vent can make a difference.


We would be remiss to ignore the benefits the right roofing material can provide for your home’s indoor air quality. For instance, standing-seam metal roofing is designed to keep your home cooler on the inside. Also, recycled-content shingle roofing reduces your waste footprint and provides increased efficiency and indoor air quality.


Humidity typically leads to reduced indoor air quality, as mold and dust mites love the moisture. If possible, consider tracking the humidity levels in your home. Use an air conditioning system to help reduce humidity and keep the air fresh and clean year-round.

Furthermore, humidity can be better controlled with proper ventilation, as we talked about above.

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