Best Ways to Address Leaky Roofs

Best Ways to Address Leaky Roofs

When you start seeing bloated wood, mold, mildew, or feeling areas of moistness in your home, you may have a roof leak. It is important that you address your leaky roof as soon as possible. If you don’t address your leaky roof, it can lead to irreversible damage, health problems for your family, and a decrease in the value of your home. Call Paradigm Roofing and our team of experienced, licensed roofers can help you repair your leak quickly and efficiently.

Try Finding the Source

While you are waiting for your roofing contractor to arrive, it is helpful to locate the origin of the leak. Sometimes this is obvious, as water will drip down, revealing the leak’s location. If it is more subtle, you need to look for bloating, cracking, or signs of mildew growth around the leak site. This may involve getting into your attic and looking around with a flashlight. If you still cannot find the source of the leak, it is not a problem. Paradigm Roofing’s knowledgeable roofers can help you with leak detection.

Don’t Wait to Call a Professional

The most important thing when addressing a leaky roof is not to wait. Waiting can mean more damage to your roof, more mold growth that can harm your family, and can make the repair much more costly. If the leak is significant and causing an immediate problem, you can call Paradigm Roofing to schedule emergency roof repair services. We are always at your service to provide fast and friendly roof leak repair service.

The first step to getting your leaky roof repaired is to contact our office. Call 972-542-7774 and the team at Paradigm Roofing will get started right away to help you address your leaky roof. If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you.