Benefits of Metal Roofing

Benefits of Metal Roofing

Is your home or commercial building due for a roof replacement soon? Perhaps you’re contemplating roofing options for a building that’s currently under construction? Then you should know that metal roofing is one of the most durable, versatile, and longest-lasting roofing materials on the market. But because metal roofing offers remarkable resiliency and longevity, it’s also one of the pricier roofing options you’ll come across.

Is metal roofing really worth the expense? And should you consider it for your home or building? Read on to learn all about the benefits of metal roofing so you can make the call.

Metal Roofs Last a Long Time

If you’re looking for a roofing material you won’t have to replace in the next few decades, metal is an excellent option. On average, properly installed and maintained metal roofs last 40 to 70 years, and many last longer than that. Plus, metal roofing typically comes with a 30- to 50-year manufacturer’s warranty, and if the manufacturers stand behind the material’s longevity, you know it’s bound to last.

Check out how to maintain your metal roof if you’re curious about the level of upkeep this long-lasting roofing material requires.

Metal Roofing Is Highly Versatile

For many decades, metal roofing was nothing more than basic sheets of grayish metal affixed to the roofs of commercial and residential buildings. But the material has come a long way in recent decades, and today, it’s remarkably versatile in terms of roofing design.

Modern metal roofing is available in more than 100 colors, and it can also be fully color customized to taste. Perhaps more importantly, metal roofing can even be manufactured to resemble clay or slate tiles, as well as wood shake shingles.

Depending on the manufacturer, metal roofing can be customized to resemble just about any other roofing material on the market. Ultimately, the material’s wide variety of design options allows it to complement and enhance any exterior aesthetic.

Metal Roofs Are Super Durable

When you own a home or commercial building in Texas, you know it’s imperative that you select exterior building materials that can stand up to our often harsh weather. If you want high-level resilience against environmental damage, metal roofing can give you that because it’s highly resistant to:

  • Corrosion. During manufacturing, metal roofing is coated with special alloys that provide long-term protection against corrosion and rust. Although metal is traditionally susceptible to corrosion, metal roofing is not.
  • Wind. Most metal roofing materials can withstand winds of up to 140 mph, while some higher-grade materials can withstand gusts of up to 180 mph.
  • Cracking. Many types of roofing materials — slate, asphalt, and tile, for example — are susceptible to age-related cracking and deterioration. Metal roofing is not. Unlike most other roofing materials on the market, metal is highly crack-resistant, which gives it an edge in the water damage protection department.
  • Rot. Metal is completely rot-resistant, which means it’s also resistant to mold and mildew development. Since metal is incapable of absorbing the moisture that prompts mildew, mold, and rot proliferation, it’s a great choice for those who want superior protection against water damage. Bonus: metal roofing can also help you protect your roof against insect intrusions since it doesn’t provide a food source for pests.
  • Fire. Metal roofing boasts a Class A fire rating, which means it’s capable of withstanding substantial heat without melting or burning — it can even withstand contact with direct flames.

Metal Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

Unlike most types of asphalt roofing (which is a long-standing homeowner favorite) metal roofing is fully recyclable, which makes it super eco-friendly. There’s also no petroleum involved in the metal manufacturing process, so opting for a metal roof can help you reduce your environmental impact.

A Metal Roof Can Help Improve Household Energy Efficiency

Rather than absorbing solar heat as many roofing materials do, metal roofing actually reflects that heat energy back into the surrounding atmosphere. So while it may cost you more to install a metal roof initially, you’ll end up recouping those costs in the form of savings on your monthly energy bills.

In fact, metal is so heat-reflective that, according to the Metal Roofing Alliance, homeowners who have metal roofs save as much as 25% on their annual cooling costs. In Texas, that’s a pretty substantial perk, especially throughout our long and often miserably hot summers.

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