Benefits of Green Roofing

Benefits of Green Roofing

Mankind is spreading. We’re constantly working on new construction across the globe. You may have noticed that, in your own neighborhood, the land is at a premium. There are fewer green spaces and more concrete. How can you be the change you want to see? Well, green roofing is one surefire method to make an impact on the environment. Now, there are multiple types of green roofing. First, we have energy efficient roofing. Second, we have, literal, green roofing, complete with growing plants and flowers over your head. Both offer benefits to those indoors and out!

Why Green Roofing?

Planting fresh greenery on the rooftops of your urban area brings about numerous benefits to the public, private, economic, and social sectors. Even the local and global environmental benefits. The key here is helping the environment. We need to give back to Mother Nature.

First and foremost, know that while all green roofing provides a similar function, installation is unique. Performance and benefits may vary depending on the region, climate, building, and the type of green roofing. We’ll examine key benefits that are virtually the same across all green roof types and designs below.

Green Roofing Benefits

A green roof, when professionally installed and maintained, is designed to reduce stormwater runoff, increase efficiency, and help the environment. Some such benefits include:

  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff – We mentioned this briefly above. Well, green roofing helps retain rainwater, returning a portion directly to the atmosphere through evaporation and transpiration. Anything left is reduced in volume, then runs cleaner off the roof.
  • Energy Efficiency – During the summer, your green roof will protect the structure from direct solar heat. During the winter, it minimizes heat loss due to added insulation. Lastly, there are fewer greenhouse gas emissions due to the plant life.
  • Habitation – A vegetated rooftop habitat provides a stepping stone to other habitats across the city. It’s a template for green roofs to increase biodiversity. Furthermore, the low maintenance requirements mean these areas become a refuge for certain species of animals and plants.

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