BBB Reports Home Improvement Scams Top the List

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According to recent reports from the Better Business Bureau, home improvement scams are currently at the top of their watch list. Scams are downright despicable, and those who perform them against unsuspecting individuals should find themselves in trouble with the law. Any person who would knowingly con a hard-working family of their money is simply horrible. Vulnerable men and women are likely to lose money to home improvement scams, especially cut and run contractors. At Paradigm Roofs, we’d like to ensure you never fall victim to another scam.

Types of Home Improvement Scams

While the majority of home improvement contractors are good-natured businesspeople with a strong head on their shoulders, you must be wary of conmen. Scams have long existed, but they are becoming commonplace in the history. The most common types of home improvement scams include:

  • Bait and Switch – A contractor may claim low prices, then examine your home and “discover” worse issues. These issues are likely nonexistent or not as bad as the conmen claim.
  • Left-Over Product – During a home improvement project, dishonest contractors, may knock on your door and offer left-over products from a recent job they completed. These products are sold for a “low price” but are low-quality and overpriced.

How to Avoid Scams

Your first step in avoiding a scam is to receive a recommendation. Speak with friends, family, and co-workers regarding their experiences with home improvement contractors. Word of mouth is a great tool to find a trustworthy and efficient contractor.

Alternatively, check the contractor’s credentials. Verify with your state that the contractor you’re doing business with has the proper license and registration.

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At Paradigm Roofs, we never want to see victims of home improvement scams fall into worse conditions. We vow to fight these scams in any manner possible, all while offering quality home improvement services. Give us a call if you’ve received word from a questionable contractor at 972-542-7774.