Ask The Expert Radio Show: Paradigm Roofing: 4th Episode

Paradigm Roofing is back once more for the 1190 AM Radio Show. Our fully-licensed, award-winning roofing services provide top-rated professional roofing installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance throughout the year. We work with both residential and commercial clients. Furthermore, we serve all major cities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Today, we’re back with another episode of the 1190 AM Radio Show, which is known for such acts as Russ Martin, The Michael Berry Show, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, and the Tom Shillue Show.

There is still one more episode of the Ask the Experts radio show airing this year. Episode 5 is subject to time changes to meet the demands of the Texas Tech Football schedule:

  • December 22 – 10 am

In case you missed out on the previous episode, check out Episode 4 here!