Are Gutters Necessary?

Are Gutters Necessary?

You buy a beautiful house. But when looking at it, you notice something curious. It doesn’t have any gutters. Surely every home comes with gutters?

While gutters are usually installed on properties, they aren’t a requirement. Not all properties have gutters. But whether you need them or not is really more determined by your house, the weather, and your foundation than anything else. Let’s take a look at whether or not your house needs gutters.

What Do Gutters Do?

Gutters collect water runoff from your roof and route it away from your foundation. Without gutters, the water would either collect along the edges of your roof or just drip down the side of your house. Gutters protect your foundation from water intrusion, especially if you have a basement or other below-ground rooms.

Over time, water runoff causes both water damage and erosion. It can lead to massive structural issues across the entirety of your home. The most effective way to prevent this is simply to make sure that the water runs somewhere else entirely.

Why Wouldn’t You Have Gutters?

Some homeowners don’t install gutters. A homeowner that has excellent water runoff already might not feel inclined to install gutters. Some homeowners detest the maintenance that comes with gutters. If you don’t clear your gutters regularly, they can back up. And when they back up, water pools on top of your roof, and the gutters do more harm than good.

But you can have an affordable service clear out your gutters regularly rather than just not having gutters altogether. Not installing gutters is usually damaging to a property in the long term because, even though it may not appear that there’s damage done to the foundation right away, it can happen over time.

Most importantly, homeowners usually shouldn’t decide on their own that they don’t need gutters. Because damage may not be immediately obvious, it requires a professional opinion. A roofing service can take a look at a property, determine the necessity of the gutters, and help a homeowner make the choice that’s best for them.

What About Damaged Gutters?

Now, we’ve explained that it’s not strictly necessary to install gutters if they aren’t already there. Gutters certainly won’t hurt (and they can protect against expensive property damage), but there are some situations under which you might not need them.

Damaged gutters are another story.

If your home has damaged gutters, and you’re wondering whether they’re really necessary, you should act fast to either get them repaired, replaced, or removed entirely.

When gutters back up, they can cause water to pool on your roof. This can lead to extensive damage to the structure of your property. There are few things as damaging to a house as water. Even a house fire doesn’t always compare.

Gutters as an Accessory and for Appearances

It should also be noted that gutters aren’t strictly used out of necessity. Gutters can improve property values (as new home buyers will feel more assured that their roof is protected). Gutters can also be used as an accessory.

Gutters that are painted to match the trim of a home can make a home look very modern, while copper gutters are flashy and sophisticated. Many homeowners use gutters to decorate the exterior of their property and as a way to make their property stand out. There are also roof-top accessories that can be used to make a property unique and attractive.

If you’re currently renovating your property with an eye for selling it, it’s usually best to get gutters. Many potential homebuyers will be turned off by the absence of gutters, imagining that they will need to install the gutters themselves. Since curb appeal is essential to the home-selling process, having distinct gutters can also help you distinguish yourself from the competition in a particularly hot housing market.

Does Your Home Need Gutters?

For the vast majority of homes, gutters are necessary. But there are exceptions. Homeowners in areas with very little rainfall, for example, may not be inclined to get gutters. Homeowners who have no problems with water runoff may not want to invest in gutters.

To determine whether your home needs gutters, you should consult with a professional. They’ll be able to take a look at your property, roof, and foundation and determine whether water runoff might be a problem for you.

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