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Energy Efficient Roofing in McKinney & Dallas

energy efficient roofing dallas, mckinney, tx

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Consumers are smarter about what products they choose and how it affects them and the environment. Many people are now opting for “green products” or energy efficient products, and while roofing materials may not be at the top of your mind when thinking about green energy products, they are very helpful in trying to make your home more energy efficient. Your roof’s exposure to heat, cold and sunlight make it an excellent candidate for improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. Since your roof is also your home’s most important line of defense when it comes to protection from the elements, it’s easy to see why homeowners across the country are drawn to the quality workmanship and high expectations of green remodeling. Paradigm offers energy efficient roofing products that save you save energy and offer financial benefits, such as lowering your utility bills and tax credits.

Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

The desire to utilize our energy more efficiently has the green industry gaining momentum, so much that the federal government is offering tax credits to homeowners and businesses to help offset the additional upfront cost. As part of the new American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, homeowners who select an energy-efficient, environment-friendly roofing structure can qualify for a tax amount of up to $500.

With the tax credit rebate and the savings from your lower energy bill, if you plan on staying in your home over the next three years or more, the additional cost will make this an excellent return on your investment. Depending on the roof system you choose, you can expect savings of 10 percent or more on your current utility charges.

Energy Star Roof Shingles

GAF Corporation and CertainTeed Corporation are two of the country’s largest shingle manufacturers. Both have come out with a line of shingles that meet the government’s requirement for Energy Star efficiency rating, and both are eligible for tax credit rebates.

Both companies have designed a shingle to reflect heat. These are currently the only cool roof asphalt shingles offered in multiple colors (all-white shingles reflect heat well and are available by many manufacturers). Both series of shingles meet initial Energy Star-related performance levels and are eligible for the tax credit.

Across the asphalt shingle industry, there is a great effort to find alternatives to petroleum-based products and to embed solar cells right into the roofing shingles or tiles themselves. These are still on the frontier, and our McKinney roofing company is working diligently to stay abreast of when these become viable options.

Metal Roof Systems

Metal roof systems are another viable choice in saving energy, as the materials are recyclable. A metal roof reflects the sun’s energy and can reduce your summer utility cost by up to 25 percent.

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