Top 5 Reasons Homeowners Love Steel Roofing


Steel roofing was once thought of for only industrial use is now making it’s way onto more residential properties. There are many benefits to considering a steel roof. Below we will pick the top five reasons why homeowners are choosing steel.

1. Durable

Steel roofs are durable and long lasting. A steel roof typically gives you decades of use, it is not unheard of for some to last even longer. Steel does a great job at withstanding even the worst Texas weather. If for some reason it does need to be replaced, a subsequent roof can be built above the existing roof. Saving you from a very expensive tear-off.

2. Variety

There is such a variety in the types of steel roofing available. You can pick your type, thickness, color and coating. A steel roof can be modified to just about any use you can think of.

3. Energy Efficient and Earth Friendly

Steel roofs are incredibly energy friendly. With highly reflective capabilities they will be able to save the average homeowner in cooling costs during those hot summer months. They are also full recyclable. So if they need to be torn down or replaced, it can be recycled which is a great benefit for the planet.

4. Great Price

Due to the great variety or steel roofing types, there is a price point for everyone. No matter what your budget, there is a steel roof option for you.

5. Appearance

Steel roofing can add that “wow-factor” to a home. Its different, eye catching, and provides all the cost benefits that a typical roof cannot. With different colors and coatings, it can be customized to fit the character of any home.

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