4 Reasons Your Roof May be Damaged

4 Reasons Your Roof May be Damaged

It can be quite a surprise when you have a damaged roof. It is important to know why your roof has been damaged so you can prevent further injury. Here are a few common ways in which roofs often find themselves damaged.

1. Weather Damage

Extreme heat or cold can put stress on your on your roof. Storms also can have bad consequences for your roof as well. Hail can damage roof tiles and high wind can rip off shingles. Ice and snow can also have devastating effects on a roof. If you keep your roof well maintained there is less of a chance of severe damage. Make sure you make an annual appointment with a roofing specialist to ensure that your roof is in tip-top shape.

2. Poor Installation

When you have a bad roof installation, it can put the life of your roof at risk. An improper job can leave spaces and holes that may look small, but after some bad weather those little holes and cracks can be a big problem. Make sure when you are looking for someone to install your roof that you hire someone with a great reputation for quality craftsmanship.

3. Shoddy Repairs

When you have a repair that needs to be made on your roof, its just as important as repair to hire someone reputable. A repair that just patches the problem but doesn’t fix it at its source is the biggest mistake home owners make. While that repair may be a bit expensive, that repair job will grow unnoticed until you need a full roofing overhaul.

4. Poor Maintenance

Most major roofing issues could be avoided with proper maintenance. It is crucial that you have your roof looked at on a regular basis to ensure that you do not have any problems that need patching before big weather hits.

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