3 Tips for Clearing Algae from Your Roof

3 Tips for Clearing Algae from Your Roof

Algae on your roof can give your home a dirty and dingy look. When you have stains and streaks, it is time to give your roof a good cleaning. Algae has the potential to cause costly damage to your roof by holding moisture close to your shingles. Paradigm Roofing is a leader in the roofing industry and knows how to quickly and efficiently clear those pesky algae from your roof.

1) Bleach Mix

One inexpensive option is to make up a 50% mix of bleach and water to spray onto your roof. This will quickly kill the algae and mold that is on our roof. Rinse thoroughly and do not use a pressure washer. High pressure will damage your shingles further. Be cautious about run-off into garden and landscaping areas. Plants and flowers will die quickly if exposed to bleach solutions. Wetting the soil prior to placing the beach on your roof can help protect your plants from absorbing the bleach.

2) Zinc or Copper

Algae will not grow in the presence of zinc or copper. To prevent the algae from growing back, insert 6-inch strips of copper or zinc under the row of shingling closest to the peak of your roof. Whenever it rains, some of the copper or zinc molecules will wash down, preventing mold and algae from growing.

3) Invest in New Shingles

Certain new shingles on the market contain copper granules that prevent algae growth. You can also ask about specific roof types that discourage algae growth. If your roof needs to be replaced anyway, you may want to speak to your roofing professional about these algae-proof options. They can help you choose the best roofing for your home or business.

If you have questions about clearing algae from your roof, contact the roofing experts at Paradigm Roofing. Call 972-542-7774 to schedule your appointment with us today!