3 Pros & Cons of Having a Wood Roof in Texas

3 Pros & Cons of Having a Wood Roof in Texas

Our team at Paradigm Roofing are happy to help answer those who call us with their roofing questions. And a common question that we get from Texas homeowners is regarding wood roofing, and wanting to know some of the pros and cons of installing a wood roof on their house.

The Pros of a Wood Roof

A few benefits of installing a wooden roof on your Texas home include:

1. They Have Strong Curb Appeal

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a wooden roof is that wooden shingles tend to have a strong curb appeal. They start off as a light brown color, but as time passes, they will eventually darken. There are a lot of people who like the look of a wooden roof, so you may be able to increase the value of your property by installing a wooden roof.

2. Strong Wind Resistance

It can get windy in Texas from time to time, particularly when a hurricane comes ashore. As a result, you need to select material that can stand up to the wind, and a wooden roof can do exactly that. A lot of people are surprised to hear that wooden shakes and shingles can withstand winds up to hundreds of miles an hour, but they can!

3. They Are Affordable

Installing a new roof can be expensive, but there are ways for you to save money. For example, if you decide to go with a wood roof, the material is relatively inexpensive, and the installation process is easy. That means that you should be able to cut costs on the materials of your new wooden roof and have a quicker install.

If these three benefits of a installing a wooden roof on your home excite you, then call us. It would be our pleasure help you through the process.

The Cons of having a Wood Roof

A few of the drawbacks of going with a wooden roof in Texas include:

1. Poor Fire Resistance

It should come as no surprise that a wooden roof is not exactly resistant to fire. A wooden roof is far more likely to catch fire when compared to other types of materials, but there are fire retardants and treatments that you can apply to the roof to make it more resistant to fire. There are also some areas where wooden roofs are banned because of their poor fire resistance, and it would be our pleasure to check the regulations on your behalf.

2. Wood Rot

Wood absorbs water when it gets wet. This means that it is also prone to rotting. It can lead to an extensive repair bill, and that is why it is important to work with a professional who can install water-resistant treatments on top of your roof. As long as you maintain a wooden roof carefully, you should be able to limit the potential damage.

3. The Maintenance Required

Speaking of maintenance, a wooden roof generally requires more maintenance when compared to asphalt. You will need to reapply fire-resistant and water-resistant treatments every few years, and you will also need to apply regular treatments to prevent insects. This can increase the cost of taking care of a wooden roof.

You should think about the benefits and drawbacks of each material carefully before you decide which option is best for your roof. It would be our pleasure to help you make the right decision.

Call Paradigm Roofing for Wood Roofing Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Ultimately, these are a few of the pros and cons that you should keep in mind if you are interested in installing a wooden roof on your home. Even though wood is a popular material, it is important to think about the benefits and drawbacks carefully before you decide to go with this option. There are some situations where a wooden roof might be the right choice, but there are other situations where it might be better to choose a different material.

At Paradigm Roofing, we aim to educate our customers so they can make the best decision for themselves. If you’re still interested in installing a wood roof then give us a call today.