3 DIY Roof Maintenance Tips

3 DIY Roof Maintenance Tips

If you want to avoid extensive repairs, you need to follow these three easy DIY roof maintenance tips. Before you begin with your maintenance, you always want to make sure that you are safe. Always have a roof maintenance buddy with you to make sure your ladder is steady and you do not fall off the roof unexpectedly. Wear shoes with adequate grip and never go on your roof when it is rainy or icy. Now you are ready for some DIY roof maintenance!

1. Clean Your Roof

One of the biggest causes of roof rot is leaves, pine needles, branches, and other debris that gets stuck against the shingles. Those leaves collect moisture and holds it right against your roof. That moisture can break down the barrier on your shingles and create a nasty leak. Giving your roof a good cleaning can prevent moisture from sticking close to your roof, giving your shingles a much longer lifespan.

2. Trim Nearby Trees

If some impressively tall trees surround your property, make sure to trim them away from your roof. Those severe summer thunderstorms in Dallas and Fort Worth can easily knock trees over, damaging your roof.

3. Use the Hose Trick

The hose trick is an easy way to determine if you have any leaks in your roof. Go into your attic with a flashlight and have your roofing maintenance buddy spray water from your garden hose on your roof. Scan your flashlight from side to side slowly. If you see a sudden flash of water reflecting back at you, you know you have a leak. Mark where the leak is and call a reputable roofing repair company in your area.

If you would like more DIY roof maintenance tips, or you would like a professional opinion about a roofing issue, contact Paradigm Roofing. Call us today at (972) 542-7774. We would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you have regarding your roof.