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Professional Roofer Services Dallas TX

Professional Roofer Services Dallas TX

Do you know the signs that your roof may need repair, or that you need the services of a roofer in Dallas? If not, you may have issues present that are eating away at your home’s or business’s roof, issues that may eventually lead to serious issues and damage. The good news is that our team at Paradigm Roofing is ready and able to help repair any issue or provide complete roof replacement. When you call our Dallas roofer professionals, you will gain access to individuals with years of training and experience in the industry. We can handle any type of roofing material and ensure your roof is able do its job: protecting your home or business.

In addition to using the services of a roofer in Dallas when necessary, it is also essential that you are prepared for bad weather and other potential roofing hazards. When you are prepared, you can reduce the damage and help to keep you, your family, and your home or business safe.

Getting Ready for Severe Weather in Dallas

The Dallas area sees severe thunderstorms and tornadoes from time to time. While these weather conditions can be quite scary, you will be able to handle the situation and remain safe when you are properly prepared. Here are some tips for ensuring you are ready for severe weather:

  • Purchase and use a NOAA Weather Radio to keep yourself updated.
  • If you hear thunder, get inside right away – lightning can strike even when there is a clear blue sky.
  • Stay away from windows.
  • Seek a storm shelter if you don’t have anywhere safe to go.
  • Do not go outside to assess damage until the storm has passed completely.

If disaster does strike and you need help or assistance, you can contact the Disaster Assistance organization of FEMA for help.

Finding Shelter in Dallas during Emergencies

During severe weather, the city will likely announce shelter openings. However, your best bet is to find a secure place in your own home or wherever you may be at the time. If you do not feel that your home is safe enough during severe weather or other disasters, it may be a good idea to have a storm shelter installed on your property. There are a number of companies that offer this service, including:

Keeping Your Home Safe and Protected after the Storm

While it is essential to be prepared for when a storm strikes, it is just as important to assess damage after the storm has passed. In some cases, the Dallas roofer you rely on will not be able to respond right away, especially if there are widespread damages and power outages. In these instances, you may need to make small roof repairs on your own to help protect your home until professional help shows up. In these cases, a visit to one of the local hardware or home improvement stores may be necessary. In Dallas, you can find the necessary supplies for temporary roof repairs at:

These locations will have the tools and materials you need to help protect your home after damage caused by storms. You can find shingles, tar, nails, tarps, and more, which can cover holes, repair damage, and ensure that your home is  protected until the professional roofers in Dallas can provide their services.

Roofing Services You Can Count On

Paradigm Roofing in Dallas is not a fly-by-night roofing company. Having provided services for several years, you can count on these professionals to be here tomorrow. Regardless of the needs you have, from simple maintenance and inspection to complete roof replacement, our team can take care of it.

When you need a Dallas roofer, contact Paradigm Roofing at (972) 542-7774 to schedule an appointment.


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